April 22, 2024
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At the HPA Tech Retreat 2023 (February 20-23, Rancho Mirage, California), Arch Platform Technologies (booth #509) will highlight its robust capabilities for building and managing cloud-based and hybrid digital content creation studios.

The company will demonstrate the latest version of the Arch Platform – a SaaS platform and orchestration engine, expands its collaboration with HP, and host two roundtable sessions focused on deploying and managing remote creative infrastructure.

“Many of our customers are faced with a unique set of infrastructure challenges,” said Laura Teodosio, Chief Executive Officer at Arch Platform Technologies.

“They may want to move to the cloud, but still need access to their physical hardware. We can help them transition to the cloud at their own pace while still maintaining and managing their on-premises or data center resources.

“For those that need to burst to the cloud for projects or particular workloads, Arch is perfect too.”

The Arch Platform now gives creative professionals a “single pane of glass view” for adding, managing, monitoring and utilizing on-premises or data-center hardware alongside cloud resources.

Providing access to a variety of types of infrastructure allows users to utilize resources that best meet their requirements in terms of capabilities and location.

Arch allows companies of all sizes to scale quickly for a wide variety of high-performance compute workloads such as visual effects, animation, editorial, color correction, virtual production as well as game design and development.

The newest addition to the Arch Platform in collaboration with HP allows Z by HP workstations to be added to the Arch dashboard for management and monitoring and access by users through HP Anyware,1 enterprise software enabling secure access to digital workspaces.

“The Arch platform helps HP provide the infrastructure flexibility that our customers need,” said Spike Huang, VP Product Management, Workstation, VR and Data Science at HP.

“Arch supports HP’s hybrid strategy by extending its platform to support Z by HP workstations in hybrid deployments with on-prem and AWS cloud infrastructure.”

Arch Platform Technologies is a previous winner of the prestigious HPA Engineering Excellence Award.

At the HPA Tech Retreat, Teodosio and Edward Churchward, Arch Platform Technologies’ co-founder and CTO, will host roundtables on creative infrastructure-as-a-service on Tuesday, February 21 and Thursday, February 23, discussing how to deploy and manage creative infrastructures in the cloud or in a hybrid environment quickly and easily.

“HPA attendees will see why our platform is so useful for complementing existing on-premises infrastructure and scaling resources based on a company’s unique requirements,” said Teodosio.

“It helps to maximize budgets and avoid unnecessary spending for unused or underused resources, while freeing professionals from many of a project’s logistical aspects, allowing them to focus on more creative functions.”

Arch Platform Technologies is the creator of the Arch Platform, which creates and manages powerful, secure cloud-based content creation studios for visual effects, editorial, virtual production.