July 13, 2024
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Expert insights and a comprehensive roadmap simplifies the complexities of cloud migration for media supply chains, aiding businesses in their transition towards maximum operational efficiency


Century City, Calif.February 1, 2024 – Ateliere Creative Technologies, a leading developer of cloud-native media supply chain solutions has just released the definitive guide to a successful media supply chain cloud migration for the media and entertainment industry. “Modern Media Supply Chain Made Easy: A Practical Guide for Cloud Migration” is a meticulously crafted resource for media businesses considering transitioning to a cloud-native media supply chain. Through invaluable insights and best practices, readers are provided with the necessary information and tools to make informed decisions for maximizing ROI via strategic cloud migration.



This must-have guide simplifies essential topics through practical tools, worksheets, and ROI calculators to help plan a cloud migration strategy by setting goals and outcomes, and evaluating potential cost and time savings. Readers can expect insights on:

  • The operational efficiencies achieved by cloud migration, including elasticity, flexibility, and scalability.
  • The potential for significant cost savings by minimizing duplicate media assets, reducing storage costs, and implementing native component-based workflows.
  • Revenue optimization and growth potential through streamlined content archives and improved monetization strategies.
  • How cloud-native platforms support sustainability initiatives by efficiently using compute power and reducing power consumption costs. 


“Cloud migration has become vital to enhancing ROI for media supply chain operations, there’s no question about it,” says Ateliere CEO Dan Goman. “This guide equips readers with informed perspectives and practical strategies to navigate the complexities of cloud migration while avoiding costly pitfalls. The result is enhanced operational efficiency, decreased costs, and the discovery of new revenue opportunities. With this comprehensive resource, the move to the cloud becomes a strategic and well-informed business decision.”


To download “Modern Media Supply Chain Made Easy: A Practical Guide for Cloud Migration”, please visit


About Ateliere
Ateliere Creative Technologies is a leading cloud-native media supply chain company that empowers media companies and content creators to reach consumers on a global scale. Named a 2023 “IDC Innovator” in the IDC Innovators: Media and Entertainment Cloud Production, Distribution, and Technologies (doc #US50789023, June 2023) report, Ateliere directly addresses media supply chain challenges that companies of all sizes experience by presenting a smart, cost effective way to leverage the cloud for management and delivery of video content.


The Ateliere suite of SaaS solutions incorporates cutting-edge workflows and formats to make the vision for a studio in the cloud a reality. The nucleus of the Ateliere platform, Ateliere Connect™, delivers core competencies in IMF, parallel scaling, and geographically distributed workflows. Ateliere is built by a team of experts with decades of combined experience at companies such as Amazon, HBO, Netflix, and Microsoft.