May 18, 2024
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Atomos and Sony have partnered to allow Ci Media Cloud access directly from Atomos Cloud Studio and its Connect devices.

This will mean that the time to get content from acquisition to post-production will be significantly reduced, bringing a similar workflow to that Atomos has integrated with Adobe’s cloud system.

Users will be able to upload files directly to a specific folder in their Ci Workspace from any camera using Atomos Connect products – except Zato Connect.

Once files are uploaded to a Workspace, Ci automatically creates transcodes, and makes the files available for preview, commenting, and review.

Files, proxies, and clips can be delivered to post-production teams directly from Ci, avoiding duplicate copies of files and redundant rendering.

Flexible access models, unlimited users, and secure file sharing tools allow productions to bring new team members onto projects and work seamlessly together.

The integration will roll out later this year, with basic access free of charge. For $/€5-a-month, customers can register up to five Atomos Connect devices, all capable of uploading 1080P proxy files while recording production-quality files locally.

Proxy uploads use Atomos’ unique progressive file transfer technology.

Atomos CEO Trevor Elbourne said: “Sony’s Ci Media Cloud platform is firmly established in high-end scripted and movie workflows. With our integration we can bring this rich collection of proven online tools to a much wider audience.

“We see Atomos Cloud Studio as the gateway into many different workflow solutions, and we’re excited to be offering our customers more options to suit their preferences.”

David Rosen, vice president of cloud applications and services at Sony Electronics, added: “Atomos’ monitor-recorders have long supported Sony’s camera technology and been a favorite among users within the M&E industry.

“The integration between Ci and Atomos provides today’s creator with an agile and streamlined pathway to support rapid delivery of high-quality content to the cloud, saving valuable time during production.

“This new compatibility allows creatives to tell powerful stories in a timely fashion – from virtually anywhere – using the tools they love.”