May 28, 2024
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AV digitising and archiving specialist NOA will be attending this year’s FIAT/IFTA conference not only as guests, but as speakers.

Managing director Jean-Christophe Kummer will deliver a speech to attendees from across the globe, outlining the company’s inception and growth over the last 23 years.

There will be a particular focus on the mindset-shift the company has sought to encourage within the industry through its own innovations in product, process and workflow.

The speech will also celebrate ten years of NOA’s sponsorship of this global association leading the archiving industry.

This year’s focus on the role of algorithms, automation and AI will mark an important opportunity to consider the implications of a technology which stands at a crossroads.

Speaking ahead of the event in Locarno, Kummer said: “It’s always a pleasure and privilege not only to speak at FIAT/IFTA, but to have the opportunity to hear the thoughts of so many other industry peers and friends, all of whom have an important perspective to contribute on both the present and future practice of archiving.”

He continued: “In our speech, we’ll be focusing particularly on discussing the way that product development can emancipate the process of archiving; giving those who once would not have had access to these technologies the ability to preserve their own media artefacts – a practice that goes far beyond mere commercial concern, and touches upon important ideas of history, culture and shared heritage. And certainly, the beautiful, historical town of Locarno feels like an apt setting for these kinds of discussions!”