June 17, 2024
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ViconShogunCompany announces VICON Shogun Live 1.6 support with KRONOS K8 for 4K in camera virtual production workflows..

Bluefish444 has announced it is redefining 4K SDI VFX motion capture workflows through the integration of the KRONOS K8 video card with VICON Shogun Live 1.6 software.

Built from the ground up, Shōgun takes advantage of Vicon’s 35 years’ experience in motion capture and the improved technology available in Vicon Vantage and Vicon Vero cameras.

Shōgun 1.6 adds best in class, low latency tracking for both film and virtual cameras, support for Viper and Viper X, auto-skeleton, and more features optimized for virtual production.

It also complements and supports existing features including Live Subject Calibration, Bluefish KRONOS K8 4K SDI video support, and Unbreakable Solving.

KRONOS K8 offering lowest latency multi-channel SDI IO interfaces has features specially designed for virtual production workflows.

The 1.6 update to VICON Shogun Live supports up to eight 3G or two quad link 3G UHD low latency SDI inputs and LTC Timecode input. KRONOS K8 also has a dedicated SPG output for locking downstream equipment during production.