May 30, 2024
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Bluefish444, has announced the integration of the KRONOS K8 and Epoch 4K range of SDI video cards with Viz Engine 5.0 for live 3G/HD SDI Fill and Key workflows.

Viz Engine 5 is the most powerful live graphics compositor in the world.

Designed to remove the complexity of live, multi-platform graphics production and distribution, Viz Engine 5 introduces Adaptive Graphics™ – an ingenious way to deploy graphics to multiple output formats simultaneously, saving time, pain, and effort. 

An additional innovation available to new and current users is Vizrt’s enriched and value-added integration with Unreal® Engine 5.

The combination of Viz Engine and Unreal Engine blends the two render paths into a sum greater than the component parts, in a workflow that is seamless and familiar for live production.

KRONOS K8 has quickly become an industry staple as high quality, low latency HD and UHD SDI I/O for live broadcast graphics, virtual production, mixed reality, augmented reality and in camera VFX.

KRONOS K8 hardware features a reference input, eight bi-directional 3G SDI I/O’s and LTC Timecode I/O. KRONOS K8 also has a dedicated SPG output for reference locking downstream equipment during productions.

Viz Engine 5 adds support for 4 live inputs and fill/key outputs using the KRONOS K8 hardware.

While Epoch | 4K Supernova S+ and 4K Neutron video cards have been upgraded to support the Viz Engine 5.0 making them continually supported by the Viz Engine since version 3.5 and 3.7 respectively.

“Bluefish444 has more than a 20 year partnership with Vizrt and we have a large installed Viz Engine customer base including high profile service providers such as AE Live and Girraphic” says Craige Mott Managing Director of Bluefish444.

“Vizrt’s Adaptive Graphics™ and leverage of Unreal® Engine 5 takes Viz Engine 5.0 to the next level in photorealism and Bluefish444 looks forward to adding the highest quality SDI video into and out of the Viz 5.0 Engine during live production.”

We have had a long and fruitful relationship with Bluefish and I am delighted that customers using their Kronos K8 and Epoch 4K ranges are now able to leverage the full power of Viz Engine 5 in their live productions.” said Gerhard Lang, CTO Vizrt.