May 18, 2024
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Bluefish444, manufacturer of the professional video industry’s highest-quality uncompressed video interface cards and signal converters, has launched KRONOS Optikos3G ST IP, a hybrid SMPTE 2110/2022 and SDI, PCIe video interface card with Interchangeable SFP+ interfaces.

KRONOS Optikos3G ST IP integrates into PCIe enabled workstation computers and servers to capture and playout both SDI and SMPTE 2110/SMPTE 2022 uncompressed video over IP using Bluefish developed applications, and 3rd party applications supported by the Bluefish Software Development Kit.

“The KRONOS Optikos3G ST IP PCIe video card is an unparalleled industry first workflow solution from Bluefish444”, said Craige Mott, Bluefish444 Managing Director. “Our partnership with Embrionix, an industry leader for SMPTE IP solutions, ensures that our SDI customer base has the surety to quickly migrate to SMPTE IP. Our support for Embrionix SFP+’s means that Optikos3G ST IP customers have the flexibility to hot swap the video interface at any time without needing to buy a new video server or video card or to update firmware, drivers or software”.