July 13, 2024
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Broadcast Management Group (BMG) has spent nearly two decades helping clients across the globe achieve their production goals.

The company manages various projects, from large-scale, multi-camera productions to engineering technical facilities and launching OTT networks from the ground up.

Looking to add additional equipment to its inventory, BMG wanted PTZ cameras that were versatile, cost-effective and had the video quality necessary for live broadcast.

For BMG Founder and CEO Todd Mason, JVC Professional Video hits all the marks.

“Our account rep at JVC was very effective at communicating the value of the brand’s PTZ cameras and offered to come out to BMG’s Cloud Control Production Center™ in Las Vegas for a demonstration,” he says.

“We all walked out convinced that JVC was our best option.”

Shortly after, Mason and his team purchased a variety of JVC’s KY-PZ510BU ultra-wide-angle,  KY-PZ200BU streaming and KY-PZ100BU PTZ cameras, as well as the RM-LP100U and RM-LP5G remote camera controllers.

Since then, the video production company has installed several of these solutions for various clients’ facilities. The company’s production teams have also deployed them to produce live sporting events for several clients.

For sports, the company often places JVC PTZs in the announcer booths as commentator cameras throughout the games, which are broadcasted live to major networks like ESPN and CBS.

To do so, BMG depends on a remote production workflow or a traditional truck-on-site model with trucks deployed from BMG’s East Coast and West Coast hubs.

With this, one favourite feature of the PTZs is the ability for the cameras to be operated remotely.

“While we usually need to have six to 10 manned cameras covering the actual game itself, for the commentators we can use two or three PTZs with a remote operator, which is extremely helpful,” adds Mason.

BMG also runs several client-owned studio facilities for corporations, including the Schwab Network, where JVC PTZs serve as an option for different news and entertainment productions.

“We do not have to have manned cameras on client projects because we don’t have people walking around on set; they’re sitting at an anchor desk, not moving,” explains Mason.

“We have talking heads and guests in the studio as well as remote guests, so we found these projects to be the perfect applications for the PTZs.”

As for controllers, BMG has traditionally relied on two larger, traditional JVC RM-LP100Us and has recently expanded to using the new JVC RM-LP5G Compact Joystick Controller as well.