April 22, 2024
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When Timothy Jackson joined Cal State Fullerton as Assistant Athletic Director of the Titans Sports Network, he was tasked with continuing to facilitate the growth of the schools’ sports productions for ESPN+.

To enhance the Titans’ broadcasts, Jackson added the GY-HC900CHU CONNECTED CAM™ Broadcast Camcorder from JVC Professional Video, a division of JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation, to the school’s inventory.

Titan Athletics produces over 120+ broadcasts a year, including Cal State Fullerton’s men’s and women’s soccer and basketball, baseball, softball, water polo and volleyball.

Titans’ fans can watch home events and Big West road conference games exclusively on ESPN+. In addition, Cal State Fullerton has built a top-tier production studio to give home viewers a professional-quality production for all games played at Titans Stadium.

“Delivering ESPN-quality streams for all our sporting events was of key importance and adding JVC’s GY-HC900 allowed us to take our broadcasts to this level,” says Jackson.

“I was very familiar with JVC and its cameras from previous jobs and knew the GY-HC900 could really heighten our broadcasts. The GY-HC900 offers so much versatility for the price point; it was really a no brainer for us.

“We have also been using some legacy JVC cameras here, so it made the learning curve much easier for our student and staff operators.”

The JVC GY-HC900 features three 2/3-inch CMOS image sensors that deliver high-sensitivity, low-noise and a wide dynamic range.

It’s also equipped with a powerful communications engine that makes news-over-IP a reality, with a streamlined ENG workflow that’s both reliable and cost-effective.

It also offers a comprehensive fiber solution for advanced EFP and studio installations. The GY-HC900 supports recording contribution quality ProRes HD422 files to SSD media via the optional KA-MC100 adapter.

SSD recording can also be used in the backup mode. Jackson plans to use the GY-HC900 as a primary camera for volleyball and basketball, and as a centerfield camera on the baseball and softball fields, to capture in-depth images and provide additional perspective of the games.