May 29, 2024
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(l-r) D2N MD, Jason Owen with Calrec’s regional sales manager, Robert Davidson.

Calrec, one of the world’s leading designers and suppliers of broadcast audio mixing consoles and equipment, have reached an agreement with D2N Technology Solutions to be their exclusive technology partner and distributor in Australia.

Calrec’s regional sales manager, Robert Davidson, explained: “With D2N the reasons for partnership were clear; they understand the importance of customer communication, service and support which Calrec also values highly.

“In addition, their enterprising sales and marketing strategies have impressed because they, like us, understand that even a specialist industry like broadcast needs a proactive approach considering the rapidly changing technology landscape.

“The core values of D2N’s business very much align with Calrec’s.”

Calrec’s range of broadcast mixing consoles, remote production and audio networking solutions, its understanding of AoIP and IP infrastructures and its work with third-party integration means Calrec is at the centre of changing broadcast requirements.

Jason Owen said: “Put simply, Calrec is one of the world’s leading mixing console brands. Their presence is truly global with customers in every market across the world and their engineering quality is excellent.

“Audio mixers today do a lot more than just take signals in and send them back out. Now companies like Calrec must cater for local and remote sources, virtualised product and integrate seamlessly into IP workflows.

“Innovation and change are facts of life in a business like this and Calrec handle those better than anyone else.”

D2N are now selling and supporting Calrec’s entire range of mixers and IO devices; something Jason Owen sees as an enormous plus for the Australian market.

“Our ability to understand and support our customers is a real strength for us. We share that ‘show must go on’ mindset with Calrec and that is exactly what Calrec’s customer base expects.

“We also have excellent connections with the vendors that have synergy with Calrec so, when it comes to solutions, we can deliver a far more comprehensive package than most.”