June 22, 2024
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Clear-Com wireless intercom systems have always been geared towards speedy communications, but a recent application at Boom Supersonic is nonetheless one for the history books.

Boom Supersonic is redefining what it means to fly with Overture, the world’s fastest airliner designed to make supersonic air travel widely accessible and economical. In early autumn 2020 the company rolled out its supersonic demonstrator aircraft, XB-1, with flight tests planned to begin in 2021 to demonstrate key technologies for safe, efficient and sustainable supersonic travel. The findings from the XB-1 flight tests will later be implemented into the continued development of the Overture airliner. 

Boom is using Clear-Com’s HelixNet Digital Partyline System to establish reliable and high-quality voice communications among the different parties involved in every aspect of XB-1’s flight operations, helping teams to successfully and safely achieve their goals with the flight test programme.

“Having an intercom system that provides the ability to interface all of the different parties involved in a flight test is critical for our success and safety as a team,” said Jeff Mabry, chief flight test engineer for Boom Supersonic.

HelixNet remote stations and beltpacks with CC-110 headsets are currently being used during flight training for communications between control rooms, simulators and flight test teams. Once the flight tests for the XB-1 aircraft get underway, Boom will deploy the Clear-Com systems continuously from aircraft preflight and checkouts to landing the aircraft. 

In addition to communicating internally, control rooms will talk to the pilot and ground teams through a VHF radio connected to the system, while also recording all audio for post-test review and analysis.

The HelixNet system provides the flexibility for configuring networks to meet specific applications, including remotely connecting two separate control rooms between Boom’s headquarters in Centennial, CO, and the XB-1 test local in Mojave. It can also seamlessly interface with external parties, such as air traffic control agencies.

In addition, the system allows individual operators to listen and/or talk simultaneously across multiple communication circuits, ensuring that all operators – regardless of their role – can manage their own communication needs in real-time.

“Clear-Com’s HelixNet system is the most cost-effective solution for integrating an intercom into our flight test control room to ensure clear, effective communications between the aircraft and engineering team,” said Mabry.