June 17, 2024
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At Slush 2023, Cortex Machina will unveil the Vortex Brain-to-Computer InterFace headset, the first version to be commercially available, and the free Cortex Dev SDK, a user-friendly software tailored to fit the typical EEG researcher workflow.

Future versions of this software will include EEG feature-extraction, training your own AI models for pattern recognition of your own data, and integration with the Cortex Machina server for access to pre-trained AI tools.

The Cortex Desktop App that acts as a bridge between the Vortex headset and third-party software applications will be demonstrated through live BCI game sessions where players can move a character on screen with the power of their mind.

HeartKinetics will showcase its new AI platform empowering wearable ECG and motion sensors to detect over five cardiac conditions, including heart failure and cardiotoxicity.

The highly accurate AI platform was developed thanks to access to the vast amount of data from the prestigious Mayo Clinic Platform.

HeartKinetics vision is to make the invisible visible by predicting the emergence of cardiac complications and enable faster therapeutic decision-making.

Slush 2023 takes place in Helsinki between November 30 and December 1.