May 17, 2024
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South Korea-based OTT company Coupang Play has acquired two of PHABRIX’s class-leading Qx advanced rasterizers.

Headquartered in Jamsil, Seoul, Coupang Play is an increasingly popular OTT service provider, delivering a wide variety of programming including coverage of live events and both domestic and international sports.

In fact, it was the company’s expanding interests in sports broadcasting that prompted it to purchase two PHABRIX Qx rasterizers.

A requirement to measure the signal quality of overseas sports relay systems was the primary impetus for the investment in PHABRIX equipment, which followed a rigorous consideration of the available options.

Ultimately, it was the Qx’s ability to achieve a full range of day-to-day test & measurement (T&M) tasks – such as event error logging, CC and SCTE104 monitoring, and loudness analysis – that it commended it to the Coupang Play team.

The versatility of the Qx allows Coupang Play to achieve complete QC checking of SDI signals for its international sports content, which is a hugely important aspect of its OTT services.

Designed for HD/3G/6G/12-SDI and IP ST 2110/2022-7/2022-6 environments, the Qx brings together all the advanced T&M tools required for transitioning to the next generation of video formats.

Offering SDI as standard, the device provides core features such as picture view, waveform analyzer, vectorscope, 32-channel audio metering and ANC status.

An optional IP toolset completes the specification of a solution that satisfies rapid-fault diagnosis, compliance monitoring and product development requirements.

Martin Mulligan, CEO, PHABRIX, said: “It is wonderful to hear that the Coupang Play team is finding its Qx advanced rasterizers to be so powerful and capable for the QC requirements of its fast-growing international sports broadcasting portfolio.

“Designed to suit SDI, IP and hybrid environments, the Qx is a device whose capabilities can evolve in line with the changing requirements of the broadcaster.

“Sports is an area of content where premium quality is always a top priority, and we are delighted that Qx is now playing an integral part in Coupang Play’s T&M infrastructure.”