June 17, 2024
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CVP, one of Europe’s leading production solutions providers, will provide a unique showcase of the latest technology at the inaugural Euro Cine Expo which takes place from Friday 1st until Saturday 2nd July at Zenith Kulturhall, Munich.

CVP will occupy the main stage at of Euro Cine Expo offering visitors an impressive display of the newest production solutions, along with its renowned agnostic guidance and expertise from its technical experts.

Jon Fry, Managing Director, CVP, said: “We are committed to our European audience and our recent investment in Belgian facilities acts as a key testament to this.

“We want to ensure that we continue to deliver exceptional customer service and our presence at the new Euro Cine Expo reinforces our commitment.

“We look forward to welcoming visitors to our stand to meet the team and demonstrate the latest solutions alongside offering the very best technical expertise”.

The CVP showcase will feature:

Cine Solutions

An elegant presentation of the latest fully rigged cine-style cameras from leading manufacturers including Sony’s VENICE 2, FX9 and HDC F5500, ARRI Mini LF, RED’s V RAPTOR and KOMODO, Canon’s C300 MKIII and DJI Ronin 4D. With large sensor / large format cinematography and broadcast workflows more closely aligning, CVP is presenting fibre channel solutions that allow broadcast and studio production to integrate cine cameras into their workflow. Explore how to manage connectivity for multi-camera shoots from one master controller, as well as individual configurations.

Shoulder Rigs / Handheld

Featuring more than 20 of the recent and most popular small and medium form factor cameras (Blackmagic, Canon, Panasonic, RED, Sony, Zcam and more) rigged in shoulder-mounted and handheld configurations this display allows visitors to explore solutions designed to improve the quality of the shoot for each individual.

Lens Bar

The popular Lens Bar features the largest display of new and used lenses; from brands such as Angenieux, ARRI, Atlas, Canon, Cooke, DZO, Fujinon, Leitz, Sigma, Tokina, Tribe7, Zeiss and more.

Visitors can evaluate and compare how the leading lenses perform, and assess what combination of lens and filter will work for their deliverables before physical testing begins. CVP’s experts will be on hand to guide demos and advise on all aspects of buying and selling glass.

Monitor Wall

This unique display provides the perfect backdrop to view over 30 of the best monitors the industry currently offers. Featuring a range from 5” to 31”, all displayed side by side and synced via a video router to enable like for like comparison, the same image will be displayed simultaneously across all units.

Motion Area

Precise control of camera movement is critical for any production. CVP has collated the most recent developments in motion control to allow visitors to explore the most suitable solution for specific needs – including wearables (Easyrig, Ready Rig, Tilta), remote heads / stabilisers (ARRI, DJI, Freefly Systems), grip (Flowcine, Movmax) as well as the new DJI Ronin 4D.

Visit CVP at the Main Stage (222) at Euro Cine Expo 2022 – find out more here

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