June 22, 2024
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11th January 2024 – Cambridge, UK – As part of a range of active environmental initiatives, dB Broadcast is proud to sponsor the Solo 100 expedition in which explorer Mark Wood will spend longer alone in the Arctic than any documented human before him. The 2000km journey will start in March, and will see Wood spending 100 days gathering scientific data and sampling to monitor climate change effects.

His mission is to document climate change in real time and to inspire people to re-connect with the environment, educating us all on the need for modern day exploration.

In a few weeks’ time, expedition leader Wood heads north for acclimatisation and training along the Northwest Passage at Resolute Bay – home to Inuit people who are thousands of miles away from the rest of mankind. The snow and ice that he will be travelling over for 2000 km is previously untouched by other human beings, and provides a rare opportunity to collate depth measurements of the ice, make observations of the terrain and collect pure snow samples that will be invaluable data for the scientists’ research.

David Bird, Managing Director & Founder of dB Broadcast commented: “We wish Mark every success on his brave adventure. dB Broadcast actively seeks to invest in sustainable technologies, and to promote sustainable business practices.

“Over the past year we have worked with an external consultant to review our sustainability approach, and have implemented measures to reduce our environmental impact, and to provide transparency through our engagement in the global Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Actions include installing a 100kW solar PV array – producing around a quarter of our annual facilities’ energy consumption – and an ‘evaporative’ cooling system in our Data Centre to reduce our energy use and carbon footprint.

“Environmental impact is a core concern during the design and implementation of systems for our clients.”

Mark Wood said: “My objective is to collate pure ice samples for leading climate research scientists to understand possible contamination. I shall be filming the expedition for a major documentary we have been developing over the past six years. Each day I shall communicate through a podcast from the edge of the world. My thanks go to people who believe in me and my journey – so thank you David and all of you for allowing me to pursue my passion in the name of science.”

For more about Solo 100, please see:

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