June 15, 2024
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For the past 15 years, DirectOut has focused on producing audio solutions for broadcast, studio, live and installed sound applications. The company offers a wide range of interfaces, routing, conversion, audio network infrastructure and DSP-based solutions. The team serves customers worldwide and is dedicated to customising audio solutions to meet individual requirements. DirectOut is constantly working on technological innovation and improving customer service. By providing scalable platforms that are tailored to customer needs, DirectOut aims to ensure the adaptability and longevity of its products.


New headquarters for a promising future

The company has relocated its headquarters in Mittweida to modern and spacious premises, meeting the demands of the rapidly developing work and technology landscapes for a promising future. This action is a key step for DirectOut to meet its promise of excellent customer service and to maintain its growth.

“With the addition of three talented new team members, DirectOut is taking a decisive step into the future. These dedicated professionals are ready to strengthen our corporate vision and drive our growth with fresh ideas and innovations,” said Jan Ehrlich, CEO of the company, welcoming the new colleagues.

Denny Drechsel, who joins the team in the purchasing department, will help to optimise and qualify the purchasing processes. “The opportunity to be part of a young, innovative and international company and to work with colleagues and business partners on the further development of DirectOut fills me with joy. After years of travelling and working all over the world, I have finally found a place where I feel at home right from the start. The great team, the exciting work and the forward-looking products at DirectOut are particularly valuable to me. I have made a firm decision to help shape DirectOut’s procurement strategy in a future-oriented and competitive way,” says Denny Drechsel.

Kathrin Kremski, who joined the team as Marketing Manager on 1 July, brings extensive expertise in this area and will bundle and coordinate DirectOut’s marketing activities. Her expertise will help to further strengthen the company’s brand presence and corporate strategy. Commenting on her new position, Kathrin Kremski said: “I was looking for a modern and innovative company that lives the principles of the New Work philosophy and I found exactly that at DirectOut. The company is going through a period of growth and change. I am proud to be able to support it with my knowledge and contribute to its future success”.

Claudio Scavazza strengthens the company in the area of customer support. In his position as Support and Application Engineer, Scavazza will assist users with a focus on pro audio in developing innovative solutions based on DirectOut’s Audio Solutions to meet demanding requirements in a competent and reliable manner. In the past, Scavazza has successfully implemented projects in the areas of AoIP and Audio over WAN. His strong skills and experience in project management, network infrastructure and AV streaming will be instrumental in the further development of DirectOut’s solution portfolio.

Commenting on his new position, Claudio Scavazza said: “I am looking forward to new challenges and the opportunity to expand my knowledge, and DirectOut with its ASM is exactly what I am looking for. I expect to add value to the daily operations and grow with the company. What I like about DirectOut and why I’m here is the chance to be part of the innovation and development of Audio Solutions and integrations.

The company is looking forward to a promising future at the new location, working with new colleagues and meeting customer needs with innovative, integrated and scalable solutions.