June 15, 2024
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dock10, the UK’s leading television facility, has launched two free guides to help production teams understand the technology and terminology used in virtual studios.

The Introductory Guide to Virtual Studios traces the development of virtual studios, explaining their evolution from physical sets, green screens and the world of computer games.

The easy-to-understand, clearly illustrated guide also explains how virtual studios work in practice and lays out their creative possibilities for programme makers.

The Virtual Production Glossary aims to clear up some of the confusion that surrounds the sector.

For anyone struggling to explain the exact difference between virtual studios, virtual production and virtual reality – or is too embarrassed to ask what separates Mo-Cap from Mo-Sys – the glossary is an indispensable guide to the tech terminology in virtual production.

Both guides are published by dock10, a pioneer in the field of virtual studios.

Authoritative and impartial, they are based on the knowledge and experience of dock10’s inhouse virtual studio experts, who have helped creative teams produce many programmes that rely on virtual technology including UEFA EURO 2020, Match of the Day and BBC Bitesize.

Andy Waters, head of studios, dock10, said: It can be daunting when you first experience this exciting new technology.

“We were inspired to produce the free guides after receiving feedback from creative teams who loved the idea of creating virtual elements in their next production but were struggling to understand the technology’s capabilities and limitations.

“The free guides are designed to give people confidence to understand how to get the most out of virtual studios.”

He added: There is a major skills gap in production, especially around emerging technology – our way of helping to address this is by providing free resources like the Introductory Guide to Virtual Studios and the Virtual Production Glossary for the wider industry.”