June 22, 2024
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Tempo selected DPA Microphones to deliver smooth, clear audio for its popular at-home personal training sessions.

When Tempo debuted in 2020, it had the connected fitness industry buzzing.

The interactive personal training solution brings a team of expert trainers into the home virtually, with adaptive technology that delivers real-time guidance and creates custom workout plans around a user’s fitness goals.

Instructors are filmed in a dedicated recording space in San Francisco, and audio is a key consideration in simulating the energy of an in-person workout class.

To provide users the ultimate sound experience that would align well with Tempo’s unique virtual fitness program, the brand selected DPA Microphones for its range of reliable, rugged and quality mics and accessories.

According to Cemil Revan, Tempo’s head of studio, the company first selected DPA 4288 and 4088 headset microphones to support its audio needs.

Following a preference from instructors, the studio later incorporated a pair of 4017B shotgun mics in an XY pair overhead and 4098 gooseneck mics on the floor.

“Our trainers move all over the place and get really sweaty, so I went to DPA to help problem-solve our unique situation,” explains Revan.

“From the start, Gabriel [Antonini, DPA Business Development and Global Support Manager] was so helpful. I had been experimenting with the idea of having external microphones to capture the trainers and he helped me so much in this process.

“I couldn’t have done it without him.”

Ultimately, Revan and Antonini settled on the 4017B and 4098 as the primary mics for the live workouts, which are now used in both the original location and the newly opened second Tempo recording space.

“We’re running all DPA equipment at our two recording spaces. We have the headset microphones for other types of audio capture at our old studio, which still has a bit of reverb due to the acoustics in that space.

“The acoustics are much better at our new space, and the DPA mics are just super crisp; we couldn’t be happier,” adds Revan.

Designed for users of every fitness level, interest and schedule, Tempo offers thousands of live and on-demand classes in nearly every category, including strength training, HIIT, mobility, yoga, low impact, prenatal, bodyweight, boxing and more.

“We’re thrilled with the performance of the DPA mics,” Revan says. “We wanted a microphone that doesn’t sound like a microphone, and the DPAs make it sound like you’re in the room with that person.

“I didn’t know much about DPA at all before I started here, but I quickly learned that the sound quality of the mics is amazing. I knew that DPA would continue to be the right brand for us.”

DPA Microphones is the leading Danish Professional Audio manufacturer of high-quality condenser microphone solutions for professional applications.