May 18, 2024
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Emotion Systems will showcase its new media player Eve for the first time in Europe and launch the new Immersive Mix Module for Engine at IBC 2023.Eve – Emotion Verification Engine – is a new approach, giving users quick and easy-to-interpret information on the detail of the audio components.

Eve is a software product designed to solve verification challenges with unique features intended to aid media entertainment QC such as a native resolution video player, encoded audio playback, loudness meter, error timeline and metadata display.Ensuring that audio channels are aligned with the video content is a constant challenge. With many different formats, including encoded variants, checking that audio is present and correct without additional software is necessary.

If multiple formats are in the video file, Eve can extract them, perform a loudness analysis, and display discrepancies on separate bargraphs.Multiple timelines for video, audio tracks and loudness measurements allow Eve to perform an in-depth analysis. Pixel-accurate video can be viewed on a separate monitor rather than restricted to low-resolution proxies.

Audio errors are highlighted automatically in the error timeline and can be quickly and easily navigated via the next or previous error functions.

Emotion Systems is also set to present the new Immersive Mix module.

Developed for Engine, their flagship audio automation solution, this module offers a transformative capability for content, enabling conversion to and from any immersive format, whether it requires upmixing or downmixing.

Unlike most upmix solutions that solely produce surround audio formats, such as 5.1, the Emotion Systems module distinguishes itself by independently generating height channels.

This capability allows for creating various immersive formats, extending all the way up to 9.1.6.

With this advanced module, users have the flexibility to achieve a wide range of immersive audio configurations beyond traditional surround sound, resulting in an enveloping listening experience.Additionally, the Immersive Mix Module offers a range of customisation features, enabling users to tailor the audio mix precisely to their content’s requirements.

As MC Patel, CEO of Emotion Systems explained: “By developing the Immersive Mix Module, we enrich the viewing experience by creating a captivating sonic environment that fully immerses listeners.

“This breakthrough has practical applications in various scenarios. For instance, it ensures that all advertisements adhere to the same immersive audio structure as the main program content, thus avoiding any jarring experiences for the audience.

“Additionally, this module has the potential to breathe new life into archived content, providing an opportunity to enhance its audio quality.”