July 13, 2024
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Pixellot, the global leader in AI-automated sports video and data solutions, is proud to announce that its automated video solutions has received Software Approval from the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Equipment & Venue Centre. The approved products include Pixellot Prime, Pixellot Show S3, and Pixellot Air NXT, catering to both fixed and mobile installations. The new “Automated Video Solution” software certification from FIBA’s Equipment & Venue Centre underscores the international federation’s dedication to advancing basketball through cutting-edge technology and standards. Notably, these three Pixellot’s products are the first to receive Software approval for automated video solutions, marking a significant milestone for Pixellot’s basketball technology.

Pixellot already works with a range of basketball federations and leagues including Slovenia, Croatia and Israel and in thousands of US High Schools. The company produces and streams more than 400,000 live basketball games every year from thousands of venues around the world – more than any other platform in the market.

Pixellot’s approved products serve as the main building block of the company’s comprehensive modular solution, incorporating automated video capture, dynamic graphics, highlights, data analytics, low-latency live data feeds, and a powerful, integrated OTT platform with a wide range of monetization options. Pixellot is an open platform for third-party applications and the company integrates with a range of third-party solutions.

About FIBA’s Equipment & Venue Centre Approval Program:

FIBA’s Equipment & Venue Centre is dedicated to ensuring that basketball competitions are conducted with the highest quality equipment and technology. The Centre’s thorough Approval Program approves products that meet FIBA’s stringent quality requirements.

Pixellot’s Innovative Solutions Approved by FIBA:

Pixellot Prime: This high-end solution offers broadcast-quality video for capturing and producing professional basketball games at 50/60 FPS. With its robust hardware, sophisticated software and multi-angle support, Pixellot Prime delivers an immersive viewing experience, capturing every detail of the game in crystal clear clarity.

Pixellot Show S3: Pixellot’s latest fixed camera system designed specifically for livestreaming. Pixellot S3 combines video automation with ease of installation and operation, making it ideal for emerging leagues and higher education. This solution offers high-quality sports coverage without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Pixellot Air NXT: The next generation of Pixellot’s portable camera systems for sports capture. The Air NXT is a lightweight portable solution that brings professional-grade video production to any location. Pixellot Air NXT works in any indoor or outdoor environment and temporary setups, offering high-quality livestreams available wherever the game is played. Its lightweight design and battery-powered operation provide unmatched flexibility.

Bart Prinssen, FIBA Head of Equipment & Venue Centre. “Launched in 2021, our Basketball Software Approval Programme aims to approve high-quality technology and software solutions to foster innovation and connections within the global basketball community. We are pleased to welcome Pixellot and its Automated Video Solutions to this FIBA-approved  programme, and we look forward to seeing more enhanced accessibility of technology in the near future, further fuelling the growth of basketball.”

Alon Werber, CEO at Pixellot. “We are honored to receive this Equipment & Venue Centre approval for our automated video solutions. This prestigious approval from the world’s governing body for basketball is a testament to our commitment to innovation and quality. Our end-to-end solutions are designed to democratize access to professional video and analytics, allowing every game, from grassroots to professional levels, to be captured, analyzed, monetized, and shared with the world, all from one platform. We have worked hard over the years to provide scalability and flexibility to any size of organization, and today Pixellot caters to a wide range of needs and environments across the globe. We’re excited about the new opportunities that this approval will bring to the world of basketball.”

Pixellot offers several key benefits, including enhanced fan engagement through high-quality, automated video production that brings fans closer to the action, whether they are watching live or on-demand. To augment the live production, Pixellot provides comprehensive data analytics, highlights, stats, and graphics, enriching the viewing experience with in-depth insights and dynamic content. The operational efficiency of these solutions reduces the need for production crews, thereby lowering costs and simplifying logistics for sports organizations.