June 15, 2024
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Guntermann und Drunck GmbH (G&D) and TRITEC Electronic AG (TRITEC) have signed an agreement to form a new technology group.

This partnership will strengthen the portfolio of the group by complementing the product offering of G&D with TRITEC’s display management skills and expertise in the medical sector.

The transaction is backed by Naxicap Partners, G&D’s current sponsor.

TRITEC, established in 1991 and headquartered in Mainz, Germany, is a leading provider of mission critical Multi Display Manager (MDM) devices for medical image processing solutions, with a strong focus on mission critical cardiology operating rooms.

The company designs, develops and manufactures its products in-house.

With MDM devices as its core offering, the company’s products operate at the intersection of medical imaging devices (e.g., C-arms, endoscopes, live monitors) and the displays for image-guided, minimally invasive procedures.

TRITEC constantly integrates state-of-the-art hardware components enabling its high product performance.

Its MDM devices allow customers to collect, mix and transmit various input signals on up to 5 outputs at highest resolutions (8MP) per direct cabling at near-zero latencies while securing continuous uptime.

Input video signals can be displayed on any position on the output devices (e.g., monitors) at custom scaling and cropping.

Multi Display Manager (MDM)-device for medical imaging devices

G&D’s premium quality products, with its superior compression technology and leading KVM-over-IPTM solutions will be complemented by TRITEC’s outstanding display management skills and expertise in the medical sector.

This transaction will broaden the group’s product portfolio, enhance new cross-selling synergies, and allow both companies to deliver better solutions to their customers.

Roland Ollek, CEO of G&D commented: “We are looking forward to working together with Jürgen Bullacher and Markus Müller-Heidelberg and the whole TRITEC’s team to further expand innovation and growth.

“We see high future growth potential for TRITEC alongside G&D leveraging on multiple synergies. Furthermore, our clients will benefit by having both companies’ expertise under one roof.”

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