May 18, 2024
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Glensound Charles Interpreter Box

Glensound will be displaying new additions to its range of Dante® products at PLASA 2023.PLASA will see the launch of the completely new Charles Interpreter Unit which adds networked audio to this important product category.

It is designed to precisely cater for the needs of a single translator whilst providing significant redundancy for power and Ethernet to ensure the message is delivered.

Experience gained with other Interpreter units has defined the advanced specification.

Dual PoE connections plus a mains and DC input provides the security needed to keep the unit live at all times and there are RJ-45 connectors on the rear panel for primary and secondary Dante connections.

A floor input from the Dante network and alternative XLR sockets for the translator’s microphone are featured with network output for the microphone only, the floor plus microphone and two talk outputs completing the I/O.

Single button selection of the talk outputs allows the user to flip/flop between them as required for multiple languages.  

This important upgrade adds one more device to the many Glensound products that are already in the range. The CU-001 Dante is a 3-user unit with direct analogue outputs that mirror the Dante connections.

Either direct or mixed outputs are provided along with 3 talkback outputs. An advanced limiter circuit makes sure that over exuberant commentators do not clip their channels.

As with Charles, there are primary and secondary Dante ports to ensure that the network connections are robust in addition to the analogue mirroring.

Power is backed up by the addition of a DC input on XLR in addition to the standard IEC connector. The commentators can hear each other with adjustable gain on the headphones and they have full control over their levels and set-up.  Other successful Dante products will be on show including the innovative DIVINE Intelligent Network Audio Monitor. This can monitor up to 4 incoming Dante/AES67 streams with channel selection, EQ and a host of other control and monitoring functions.

GlenController can be employed once again to remotely control the units which employ standard VESA brackets for a convenient and inexpensive mounting option.  Glensound’s entry into the eSports market has been spectacular with the GTM unit perfectly specified for the unique requirements of this rapidly expanding user base.

Networked connections are key here, so Dante is once again a part of the package.

GTM stands out as a product precisely tailored to fit the workflow of eSports teams and participants, avoiding any compromise on essential features that could lead to rule contraventions. 

The GTM now also features a noisegate on the input to prevent audio from the arena bleeding into the comms mix. Portable products take a hammering, so the popular AoIP22 has been repackaged to include soft plastic end caps and a tougher case to keep this handy interface working in a rough world.

This analogue to Dante /AES67 interface handles 2 channels in and out and is PoE powered.  “Our reputation depends on designing products that fit the brief and perform reliably in some tough situations.”, Marc Wilson, Glensound’s Managing Director observed.

“Our adoption of Dante has proven to be a game changer in many ways and has allowed us to enter new markets we would have never previously considered. Expanding Dante capability to some of our other highly successful products is a natural development.”