May 18, 2024
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GlobalM has announced a brand new integration with Intinor, the developer of solutions for high quality video over the Internet, allowing Intinor’s customers to gather and share content from mobile devices easily and reliably.

Since the pandemic, Intinor had seen increasing demand from its broadcast customers to be able to gather content on their mobile devices, but did not have a solution to facilitate this. Rather than re-invent the wheel, the company looked to the market for a mobile solution that could be integrated into its platform.

“High image quality and low latency were crucial factors – those are a given these days – but for news organisations the most crucial thing is to get the story on air, especially with the pressures of a 24-hour news cycle,” said Peder Boberg, Product Owner, Intinor. “First and foremost, we needed something that was simple to use under pressure, and that would be reliable and able to scale naturally without the app or input to the network being affected.”

GlobalM’s software-defined video network (SDVN) platform offers a scalable and efficient approach to video contribution and distribution and remote production. Supporting SRT or RIST services, the technology integrates with cloud services for dynamic scaling, providing an alternative to traditional static gateways while also allowing for more flexible and efficient video delivery over existing networks.

As such GlobalM’s technology already fulfilled most of Intinor’s requirements, and the GlobalM team was able to work with Intinor to refine and tailor the solution to meet the company’s specific needs.

Peder Boberg, Product Owner, Intinor, said, “Our integration with GlobalM represents a perfect match for what we and our customers were looking for, combining quality and reliability of streams. It also enables us to extend our product portfolio and contributes to our vision of multi-vendor interoperability that allows us to offer many services from a single platform.”

Paul Calleja, CEO GlobalM, said, “This partnership has been a great opportunity for GlobalM to show what we can offer media organisations as the demand for live streamed content continues to grow. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Intinor, helping them to provide more and better services for their customers.”

Visitors to the GlobalM/ Matrox Video Stand SL5073 at NAB 2024 can learn more about the app, as well as GlobalM’s On-Prem and Hybrid Video Networking Solutions.