May 18, 2024
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Continued recognition showcases HNR’s leadership in sustainable innovation and its support for the industry’s journey towards environmentally friendly practices.

York, UK, 7th May 2024 – HNR, a market-leading software provider specialising in reducing carbon emissions and costs from businesses’ technology footprints, is proud to announce its third successive receipt of the DPP’s Committed to Sustainability mark. This industry-leading scheme recognises and promotes best practices in environmental sustainability within the media sector.


The DPP’s programme, which HNR has been a part of since the company was founded, tracks organisations’ progress on key environmental performance indicators and provides a framework for procurement teams to assess the sustainability impact of their suppliers. Participants are ranked from one to five points, or “leaves”, with HNR progressing from an initial two-leaf rating in 2022 to a maintained three-leaf rating in 2024, signalling a landmark achievement given the programme’s emphasis on continual improvement.


Sustainability is the beating heart of HNR and this recognition from the DPP for the third year running exemplifies our commitment to sustainable practices and innovation,” says Kristan Bullett, CEO of HNR. “We are pioneers in providing solutions that streamline operations, reduce carbon footprints and costs, and enhance sustainability. HNR’s repeated recognition underlines our contribution as industry leaders in environmental responsibility, validating that businesses of all sizes can play a fundamental role in safeguarding our planet.”


Reaffirming its dedication to the DPP Committed to Sustainability programme, HNR co-sponsors the initiative, alongside Red Bee Media, investing in both their sustainable operations and the wider industry’s journey toward environmental stewardship. HNR’s support for the programme underlines a shared vision for a greener future in media production and distribution.


The company’s CEO discusses the latest trends and key drivers in sustainability, highlighting the crucial impact of initiatives such as the DPP’s in transforming the sustainability landscape within media technology, in his blog titled “The Shifting Landscape of Sustainability in Media Technology.”


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