May 29, 2024
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latakoo, the go-to video workflow for broadcasters around the world, is showcasing a transformative array of new features just in time for US election season.

These innovations will be unveiled at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2023 in Amsterdam from September 15 to 18.

In response to the lightning-fast requirements of the modern newsroom, latakoo will present a combination of tools that will be especially useful for reporters and political embeds covering campaigns where every second counts.

latakoo is adding the live streaming of content to its platform. Users can instantly share real-time events from the latakoo mobile application with collaborators across the globe, facilitating the posting of breaking stories at the speed of news.

latakoo’s live streaming feature ensures seamless immediate content transfer and access, regardless of location.

A reporter covering a campaign stop can hold up their phone and transfer the candidate’s stump speech live to the latakoo cloud where it can be viewed by colleagues in real time and get immediately recorded by the platform.

latakoo’s transcription automatically turns every spoken word into text. This time-coded transcription is attached to the video and baked directly into the broadcast workflow.

Journalists no longer need to use transcribing platforms that are disconnected from their workflow. Within latakoo, journalists can search for a specific word or phrase, and instantly find soundbites from the middle of long auto-logged interviews.

If that political candidate said something in their speech that was newsworthy, a colleague of the reporter in the field could search through the transcription to instantly find the soundbite.

The introduction of a new clipping editor empowers latakoo users to select the exact shots and sound they need for a story and to export precision clips out of a longer video.

Journalists can even pull clips from an incoming live stream, while it is still live. This means that a video clip can be exported from the candidate’s speech and posted to social media while they are still giving the speech.

latakoo remains committed to its mission of providing video professionals with tools that streamline workflows, boost creativity and foster collaboration.

These new features underscore the company’s dedication to staying ahead of industry trends and anticipating the needs of its diverse user base.

“In today’s world of viral video, you want to be first and you want to be right,” said latakoo President, Jade Kurian.

“We specifically created this suite of services to help our customers be the fastest to publish. These tools give journalists the opportunity to send content in faster, giving teams more time to fact-check and then publish.

“That way, our customers get the benefit of publishing the video that is meaningful to their communities and collecting advertising revenue that goes with that .”

“IBC 2023 presents the perfect stage to introduce these game-changing features to the world,” said latakoo CEO, Paul Adrian.

“The combination of our new clipping editor, mobile live streaming and automatic transcription reflect our ongoing commitment to empowering media professionals with cutting-edge solutions that magnify their creative endeavors, while making them the fastest content producers in the business.”

Experience latakoo’s new features first-hand by visiting their booth, 5.C21, during IBC 2023.

Attendees will have the opportunity to witness live demonstrations, interact with the latakoo team and explore how the platform can deliver significant cost, speed and time efficiencies to their organization.