April 13, 2024
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Media systems integrator, Jigsaw24 Media will relocate its London office from Golden Square to Fitzrovia in November 2022. 

The move will provide the business with a collaborative, Grade A office space while maintaining its proximity to post-production clients in Soho. 

 The media division of Jigsaw24 has operated out of 8 Golden Square, London since 2014 and the Root 6 team moved into the same premises when the reseller was acquired by Jigsaw24 in 2017. 

The building is currently home-base for most of Jigsaw24 Media’s 50+ staff, including the division’s full-time support team, as well as London-based staff members from the broader Jigsaw24 business, headquartered in Nottingham. 

In addition to office spaces, the premises includes a pre-build and testing area for the professional services division, technology demonstration rooms for the presales department, and training and event centres.

However, with people and facilities spread out across four floors, the building configuration presents significant limitations for the business. 

“Our primary motivation behind this move was to create an environment conducive to collaboration,” says Jason Cowan, business development director for Jigsaw24 Media

“The industry, and our role in it, has shifted enormously over the last eight years – as has the way we work. 

“Our new premises will provide us with a flexible space that can accommodate changing needs rather than restricting our activities based on how many people we can fit into each room and onto each floor.

 Jigsaw24 Media has signed a ten-year lease for their new premises at 10 Whitfield Street, Fitzrovia – just half a mile from the company’s current office and in one of London’s most sought-after areas. 

The Fitzrovia site offers 3500 square feet of space all on the ground floor and provides a flexible, open space, ideally suited to the company’s requirements. 

Having just completed a comprehensive refurbishment and earning a Grade A rating, the property represents a significant upgrade in overall facilities, including a stylish reception, concierge services, cycle storage and end of journey facilities.

The new building will also boost the business’s sustainability credentials as it boasts a “very good” BREEAM rating (the world’s foremost environmental assessment and rating system for buildings.).

With preparations underway since August to minimise disruption, the London office will relocate to Fitzrovia in the first week of November. 

Customer support will continue with no interruption during the move, as will the company’s extensive range of virtualized demonstrations provided by team members based in Nottingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff and Bristol. 

On-premise video and audio workflow demonstrations will resume by mid-November in Fitzrovia.