June 22, 2024
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Austin-based live streaming company ADL Productions used KY-PZ100 PTZ cameras as well as the GY-HC900 CONNECTED CAM™ from JVC Professional Video to livestream the Strongman competitions.

With the media landscape changing due to COVID, Austin-based live streaming company ADL Productions began searching for reliable and broadcast-quality equipment that would allow them to stream events with a limited team.

Owner Don Souza and his wife/business partner, Nancy, were tasked with bringing Strongman competitions back into the mainstream and knew they needed to provide pay-per-view-quality content for the project.

The duo found the solution they were looking for with KY-PZ100 PTZ cameras as well as the GY-HC900 CONNECTED CAM™ from JVC Professional Video, a division of JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation.

Souza was first introduced to JVC’s PTZ cameras a few years back while at a convention in Denver.

He recently purchased eight KY-PZ100 PTZ cameras, along with the RM-LP100U remote controller for his work on the Strongman events.

He also uses one GY-HC900 CONNECTED CAM™ broadcast camcorder for interviews, commentary and field reporting during the events. Armed with this arsenal of JVC gear, Don and Nancy have become staples on the Strongman scene.

“Competitions are on Saturdays, so we usually begin setup on Fridays,” explains Souza. “About 45 minutes prior to going live, we make sure we communicate with Brightcove, our backend, to ensure they’re seeing our signal coming in strong with no integration issues.

“We don’t rely on WiFi for any of our signals, so we make sure we have a strong broadband signal.”

While the events covered are all Strongman competitions, the compact size of the JVC PTZs, in combination with the custom mounting solutions they selected, affords ADL the flexibility to set up for various competitions based on the promoters’ needs.

Souza said: “Some events are moving and others are static, which requires different camera placements. If it is a throwing competition, we will need both a high and a low camera. If it’s static, we just need one camera pointed forward.

“We work closely with the promoter to figure out the needs of each event, and the PTZs really help ensure we have every scenario covered.”

In addition, Souza says that by using JVC, it allows them to be more cost efficient and also be in a lot more locations quickly.

Souza also deploys a JVC GY-HC900 CONNECTED CAM broadcast camcorder at the events for various needs.

“The 900 has an incredible signal and amazing look, and the clarity is unreal,” he says. “It’s lighter and more agile than other broadcast cameras, so we’re able to use it for interviews remotely or as a fixed solution on a tripod at our commentary booth.

“The multiple SDI outs, and four inputs allow us to constantly run multiple sources of audio. I can control all the audio from within the camera on the fly.”