April 13, 2024
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Kent State University, Ohio, picks Marshall cameras to enhance esports live stream

Kent State University has selected two of Marshall Electronics’ cameras to enhance its eSports live streams.

The university, based in Ohio, picked the miniature CV503 POV and full featured CV730 PTZ cameras to capture athlete reactions and interactions with other players and team members.

Kent State originally launched its eSports program in 1998.

Today, with a community of over 400 students, it currently competes at a varsity level in the Overwatch, League of Legends, Rocket League and Hearthstone competitions.

The university was already familiar with Marshall, as its cameras are used throughout the campus for some of its traditional sports and as observation cameras for classrooms and labs.

The use of Marshall’s ultra-compact cameras allowed the team to enhance its live streams to Twitch without causing any player distractions or interference.

Jason Forbes, broadcast engineer at Kent State University, Teleproductions, said: “To capture athlete reactions, we placed one CV503 POV camera at each of the 12 player stations as gamer cams.

“We also installed two CV730 PTZ cameras in the arena space to shoot wider shots of the players, and then an additional CV730 in the casters studio. The control room houses the observer computers as well as the Marshall controllers.”

The Marshall CV503 offers 1920x1080p video at up to 60 fps in a sturdy, durable form factor, and straightforward design.

Marshall’s best-of-class CV730 features a 30x optical zoom block and flexible 12GSDI, HDMI, IP simultaneous outputs with crystal clear UHD images up to 3840x2160p at 60fps.

Remote adjust and match settings include iris, zoom, pan/tilt, white balance, exposure, pedestal, and more, over long distances to the control booth or during setup with capable auto settings that track environmental fluctuations.

Marshall’s professional grade VS-PTC-IP controller is used to manoeuvre the CV730 PTZ cameras into position and between presets as well as paint and fine tune as needed.

The CV-RCP-V2 Touchscreen CCU is used to shade, adjust and match the CV503 POVs remotely from the control room.

Jason Forbes, broadcast engineer at Kent State University, Teleproductions, said: “The ease of use of the Marshall cameras is amazing. The menus are self-explanatory, which is very important as our productions are primarily student-run.

“In addition, having PoE has made our life so much easier, as I did not have to bring an electrician in to get the cameras powered up.

“The other important piece of the puzzle is the price point. Operating on a university budget, Marshall’s price is spot on. The cameras have proven themselves to be reliable. After the initial set-up, our players don’t even know they are there.”

For over 40 years, Marshall has been a trusted provider of high-quality and reliable video, audio and multimedia systems for broadcast, pro A/V, pro audio, UCC and OEM applications worldwide.