May 30, 2024
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When Altice USA was looking to consolidate News 12 Long Island’s multiple news bureaus into one centralized location in Bethpage, the organization turned to system design, consulting and integration partner, KMH Integration.

No stranger to helping its AV customers adapt to changing business environments, the integration company knew Canare would play a proactive role in the process.

Together, the two brands selected COPS panels, SMPTE cables and 12G BNC feedthrough panels to aid in workflow efficiency, on-air quality and production flexibility in the network’s new facility.

KMH has a longstanding relationship with Canare, working together on a range of projects, including broadcast facilities and sports venues.

With this being the company’s first project with News 12, KMH President and Director of Engineering Kevin Henneman knew they had to provide the best cable and panel solutions.

“We’ve standardized Canare as our technical partner for providing SMPTE hybrid camera connectivity for cabling, connectors and panels, and we recommended them once again for the News 12 project,” Henneman explains.

“This studio upgrade/relocation project involved migrating all production systems, studios, master control rooms, operator positions, a monitor wall, graphics, edit suites and newsrooms, as well as a technical operations center and internal functions such as sales and marketing offices.

“Also moving to Bethpage is a central equipment room with approximately 100 racks of equipment supporting both master control and News 12 production systems.”

According to Henneman, the greatest challenge with this installation has been managing all the moving parts, along with integrating the network’s current equipment with all the new gear.

“Canare products are among the most integration friendly,” he says, “and they give us a high level of confidence that each piece of equipment will work with everything else, making our efforts on-site much easier.

“We worked closely with Canare to find the right form factor for the panels and interconnect scheme, to make sure we had the most efficient way to implement camera connectivity.”