July 12, 2024
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Belgian company Agristo, which specialises in the production of pre-fried and frozen fries, has chosen a 108-inch Leyard MGP Complete LED wall to improve digital interaction.

In addition to their state of the art machinery, there is now also a new headquarters that allows everyone, both physically and online, to work together in a flexible way.

ICT Infrastructure Manager Thijs Naessens explains: “At Agristo, we want to invest correctly. It had to be a sustainable solution worth the money. With the basic idea of digital interaction in mind, the creative team at Agristo also went to work.

“For example, our team recently created a fun corporate video that allows you to experience a digital contact moment from your arrival. This is playing continuously in our entrance hall.

“Also in terms of size it is ideal for the reception area, from a distance you can perfectly follow things on the screen. By choosing LED we experience the wow factor.”

At Agristo, large groups are welcomed in the auditorium, also known as the “De Holle Patat”, the hollow potato.

Thijs Naessens said: “When a customer or new colleague arrives, we want to literally immerse them in the wonderful world of potatoes. We welcome them to our Atrium.

“During preliminary meetings of “De holle patat”, system integration specialist Play AV sat directly at the design table with our architect.

“In order to ensure that the audiovisual plans were immediately integrated into the total concept. Among other things, this space also serves to boost our ambassadorship.”

In the “De Holle Patat” another Leyard MGP Complete LED wall helps to immerse the visitor into Agristo’s world of potatoes.

Jonas: By choosing an all-in-one solution, we facilitated the ease of installation and deployment. Going for fixed packages that incorporate the LED wall, processor, mounting mechanics, all cables and spares.

“We can ensure that there are no surprises on-site and we got the equipment in a record short timeframe due to the local production.”