June 15, 2024
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MainStreaming – a leading intelligent media delivery company – has announced that they will be present at NAB 2022 (Booth W9414).

There, they will be exhibiting the power of their iMDP (intelligent Media Delivery Platform); a system designed specifically to support the delivery of video across networks using patented Smart Synapses to ensure faster, buffer-free, low-latency delivery in a way that is highly reliable, preserves exceptional QoE for the end user, and uses up to 50% less energy than traditional CDNs.

As well as demonstrating the technological innovation that sits at the heart of their service provision – which covers the full range of video streaming workflow from ingest to delivery – MainStreaming will be presenting a range of their recent use cases, which include network services for some of Europe’s major datahubs, as well as the delivery of some of Europe’s most prestigious live sporting matches to audiences of millions.

On the back of these European successes, MainStreaming will be keen to use their time in Las Vegas to also demonstrate the rapid growth they have been achieving in the US market also.

MainStreaming’s provision of streaming services is based on a number of key points of differentiation. The first of these is the fact that their approach is specifically orientated towards the efficient transport of video, rather than using generic, legacy CDN structures which are not geared towards accommodating the very specific data needs associated with moving image.

Secondly, MainStreaming’s approach combines adaptive AI tools which not only anticipate data traffic across the whole network in order to find the most efficient delivery path, but also aim to move services directly to the Edge.

By doing this, they can deploy tools which use a constant set of metrics communicated between the Edge and the user to monitor the Quality of Experience being achieved, and make adjustments as necessary.

The net result is a much higher quality, more reliable streaming experience for end-users, which of course provides a vital point of competitive advantage and reputational benefit for the Content Provider; crucial in an age of increasingly discerning audiences who are presented with a multitude of provider options and relatively low switching costs.

As a third advantage, this adaptive network structuring also significantly reduces energy consumption, something which not only reduces costs, but also carries tangible environmental benefit – another element of differentiation which MainStreaming are able to pass on to the Content Providers who make use of their services.

Speaking of their upcoming presence at NAB, Marco Inzaghi – VP of Sales at MainStreaming – said: “Like everyone, we’re excited the return physically to an industry that has worked hard over the last two years to maintain its bonds, and meet the increasingly demanding data needs of a global population that is more dependent than ever on online contact.

“It will be pleasure to see our friends and peers in person – particularly many of the US-side relationships that we have been fostering over the past year”.

He continued: “It will also be interesting to meet with other players in the industry who share our viewpoint on two key elements; the increasing importance of the Edge in service delivery, and the pressing need for operators across the board to focus on their environmental impact and make strides towards doing better.

“We hope NAB 2022 will be a chance to recruit many to the initiative, of which we are funding partners”.