June 15, 2024
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Marshall Electronics and MXL Microphones have collaborated to provide complete audio-visual solutions for virtual education applications. In response to classes going online during the past 12 months, Marshall and MXL have reintroduced a range of user-friendly, high-performing cameras and microphones for remote use.

These products include the Marshall CV503-U3 camera and MXL’s AC-44 microphone, and they provide seamless connection, functionality and simple plug-and-playoperation.

Using capture device drivers already built into Mac, PC, laptop and Linux systems, the Marshall CV503-U3 camera is software-agnostic and integrates into any video conference, streaming or computer video capture soft codecs. It features a wide angle 2.8mm lens, producing a 90° horizontal angle-of-view.

On the audio side, MXL’s AC-44 is ideal for a classroom, lecture hall or remote settings, allowing students to actively listen and participate throughout a lesson. With its three capsule design and 180˚ pickup arc, educators can rest assured that pristine audio is being captured. Additional USB solutions include the Marshall CV610-UB HD PTZ camera and MXL AC-404 and AC-360 microphones.

With Marshall cams and MXL mics, say the two companies, educators and students can have access to complete, easy-to-use AV solutions while learning from a distance. These solutions are ideal for a range of educational environments from elementary to university level, including standard classrooms, lecture halls, remote workstations and more.

“Poor video quality can appear unprofessional; to give your video presence a boost, look beyond factory-installed cameras and add a high-quality USB-camera that is easy to install and use,” said Tod Musgrave, director of cameras at Marshall Electronics. “Also, don’t forget about audio quality as great video quality with bad audio in an educational environment can be irritating to students. High-quality video and audio can be easily achieved with Marshall and MXL combo solutions.”

As virtual education has become a standard way of learning, MXL and Marshall remain dedicated to enhancing digital classrooms around the world. “Over the past year, we have seen a massive surge in demand from our integrators and customers seeking AV support for digital classrooms,” remarked MXL director Trevor Fedele. “With Marshall and MXL on your desk, you’ll feel like you’re right in the classroom with your students.”