May 29, 2024
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MediaKind has unveiled BEAM – software that adds the necessary IP connectivity to transmit live video from the ground to the cloud and vice versa.

Beam is built from a modular software architecture that addresses traditional contribution and distribution blueprints. This enhances functional diversity and quality in cloud production workflows.

Beam combines MediaKind’s cloud-native media software stack with high-efficiency processing appliances boasting optimized form factors, density flexibility, hardware acceleration, low energy footprint, and comprehensive connectivity.

With Beam’s edge cloud architecture, the same units can be repurposed to handle various workflows, cutting down on cloud processing expenses.

This versatility extends from managing multiple video contribution feeds to executing edge transcoding and facilitating regionalized content distribution.

Beam’s adaptability to suit workflow requirements offers distinct advantages, particularly for sports and event venues. They can now consolidate their video connectivity into fewer configurable units linked within their cloud production infrastructure.

Boris Felts, Chief Product Officer, MediaKind, said: “In an era where sports, live events, and news are captivating audiences, Beam empowers live media providers, sports, and event venues to adapt, innovate, and deliver the best possible experiences to their audiences.

“We are excited to bring a condensed version of our Emmy-award-winning technology to the market in a form factor suitable for most operational environments.”