May 29, 2024
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Mo-Sys has unveiled more details about its StarTracker Max real-time camera tracking solution.

StarTracker Max is the latest absolute camera tracking solution from Mo-Sys, who pioneered random marker-based camera tracking with the introduction of the original StarTracker.

Mo-Sys says the introduction of Max marks ‘the beginning of an exciting new platform’ which builds on trusted StarTracker technology.

The new lightweight and miniaturised StarTracker Max leverages improved hardware and algorithms to produce Mo-Sys’ most accurate tracking solution to date.

“We are excited to announce more details about StarTracker Max,” said Stephen Gallagher, Marketing Director of Mo-Sys.

“The team has worked hard to improve on an already successful design. StarTracker Max has been miniaturised and operates at higher resolution with a higher framerate to produce our most accurate camera tracking solution ever, and it does this while still avoiding any need for external PC’s as all processing is handled within the 450g unit.”

StarTracker Max is available now for purchase from Mo-Sys and its authorized resellers.