June 17, 2024
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MR Factory’s studio facilities in Madrid.

Mo-Sys Engineering, a leader in precision camera tracking solutions for Virtual Production, has announced a strategic partnership with MR Factory.   The move brings together an unrivalled passion for Virtual Production (VP), innovation and manufacturing, with the craft and technical ability to achieve the world’s best results.   Led by company founder Oscar Orlarte Ruiz, who has mastered VP during a career spanning 30-years, MR Factory promises unlimited real-time creativity from its headquarters in Madrid, Spain.

MR Factory is expert in the craft of leveraging outstanding, life-like results from VP, and shares Mo-Sys’ commitment to education and training.   Together with a strong ethos of combining technology and technique with creativity and talent, MR Factory has achieved truly ground-breaking advances in the fidelity of Virtual Production output.   The exclusive collaboration will see MR Factory contributing directly to Mo-Sys’ product development and innovation programs, providing valuable insight to further advance VP technologies.

In addition, MR Factory will assist in further developing Mo-Sys Academy’s industry recognized Virtual Production training curriculum. Michael Geissler, Mo-Sys CEO, commented: “It gives me great pleasure to announce Mo-Sys’ collaboration with MR Factory. Oscar has been striving to achieve perfection in Virtual Production fidelity for over 30 years.

“I have developed VP technologies for 25 years, so there is a strong synergy. Like minds are coming together and combining experience to drive Virtual Production forward.

“Just like a racing driver, who provides feedback to improve the performance of the car. MR Factory will be a world-champion driver of Mo-Sys technology.” Oscar Olarte Ruiz, MR Factory Co-Founder added: “Virtual Production has matured, and people expect totally believable, life-like results. Our collaboration with Mo-Sys combines the world’s best VP technologies with industry recognized hands-on training and the craft to achieve amazing results.

“We are also excited to be working with such an innovative team and together driving forward the development of Virtual Production solutions to advance our industry.”   MR Factory is set to gain unprecedented access to Mo-Sys technology stack, combining the best tools it needs from the best tool maker.

The collaboration will ensure international visibility which is expected to drive demanding VP projects to MR Factory’s production facilities in Madrid.   For more information, visit or contact