July 13, 2024
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London, UK – January 26, 2024 – Ahead of ISE 2024, Europe’s largest AV and integration show, Mo-Sys Engineering announces a paradigm shift in virtual production (VP) accessibility: the company is transforming its Lens File Library, the foundation for achieving photorealistic results. This move sees lens files becoming freely available to Mo-Sys’ customers and sets the stage for a trade-in pay-it-forward VP community, empowering creators with a dynamic knowledge base of free lens files and fostering collaborative advancements.

“Accurate lens simulation is the cornerstone of stunning VP,” explains Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “Each lens has its own unique properties and replicating that within the virtual camera is crucial for believable results. Traditionally, this required starting with a paid library lens file and then painstakingly tweaking it to match the real-world lens being used. Now, we’re removing that barrier to entry.”

By making its Lens File Library freely accessible, Mo-Sys is actively sparking a collaborative VP ecosystem. Creators can now contribute to, and tap into a growing pool of lens files, eliminating the need to start from scratch. They are also encouraged to return newly tweaked files back to the library, nurturing a shared resource and accelerating the democratisation of VP across the industry.

This commitment to community empowerment extends beyond the Lens File Library. The availability of Mo-Sys’ training, remote and on-site support services remains unchanged, ensuring creators have the knowledge and tools to navigate the VP landscape. The company is also further developing its Lens Tweaker tool to drastically streamline the lens-matching process, making it even more accessible and intuitive.

“ISE 2024 is the perfect platform to unveil this transformative initiative,” adds Geissler. “We’ll be showcasing cutting-edge VP solutions that harness the power of our lens files. We invite everyone to join us at ISE and experience the future of VP, together.”

To make an appointment to visit Mo-Sys at ISE or to access the Lens File Library, contact your Mo-Sys Sales Manager or make an enquiry at