June 22, 2024
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Precision camera tracking solutions specialist Mo-Sys Engineering has forged a partnership with VividQ, pioneer in computer-generated holography for next-generation augmented reality (AR) displays. This allows 3D holographic projections to be placed precisely in real space, enabling users of future AR devices, like smart glasses, to explore virtual content in context with the natural environment.

Mo-Sys StarTracker is a proven camera tracking technology, widely used in television production and other creative environments for applications from virtual studios to real-time set extensions. It provides precise location for the camera in XYZ space, and with free rotation.

VividQ software for computer-generated holography is used in innovative display applications from AR wearables to head-up displays. Holography – the holy grail of display technologies – relies on high-performance computation of complex light patterns to project realistic objects and scenes, for example in AR devices. VividQ generates holographic projections which, thanks to the precision location of Mo-Sys, can be displayed to the user at the correct place in the real environment. By presenting holographic projections with depth, the user’s eyes can focus naturally as they scan the scene.

“The possibilities and applications of augmented reality in real-time devices are only just being explored,” says Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys Engineering. “We are at the cutting edge of camera tracking, VividQ is at the cutting edge of computer-generated holography, and we are excited to work together to bring some of these concepts to reality.”

Darran Milne, CEO of VividQ, adds: “Our partnership with Mo-Sys is key to understanding the potential of computer-generated holography in future AR applications, developing experiences where virtual objects can blend seamlessly into the real world.”