June 22, 2024
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Advanced camera and virtual technologies specialist Mo-Sys Engineering has established a new partnership with Evolve Technology that includes an initial purchase of several Mo-Sys StarTracker camera tracking systems. Evolve is a market leader in live events and virtual productions in the US, providing independent technical advice, sales and rental, and training workshops.

The Mo-Sys StarTracker system is described as being unique in using “stars” (reflective dots) positioned at random, usually on the ceiling or lighting grid of the studio or venue. Once learnt – an automatic process – StarTracker can then provide ultimate precision in camera location and orientation through all six degrees of freedom. In conjunction with lens data, it means that a virtual environment system, such as the Unreal graphics engine, can be matched to real images from the cameras with perfect stability.

Mo-Sys is the latest of Evolve’s ‘Trifecta’ partnerships (rent, buy and learn). As well as having Mo-Sys StarTracker systems available for rent or purchase, they will also be used as a training aid and will play a key role in virtual production and extended reality workshops. Evolve also plans highly targeted courses on StarTracker lens calibration, expected to begin in April.

“Our job is to keep up-to-date with the best technology, doing all the legwork so you don’t have to,” said Tyler Mayne, CEO, Evolve Technology. “We looked at the market and we saw Mo-Sys StarTracker as the versatile, user-friendly and cost-effective solution. We’re confident in pitching Mo-Sys because it’s a really robust platform.”

One trend Evolve is already seeing is the increasing use of technologies from the live events industry, such as augmented and extended reality, on film shoots. VFX houses are taking a key role by shooting and compositing on set in real-time, rather than compositing in post-production, using new technologies such as LED panels.

“We can make things easier for the studios because they are in the business of telling stories, not technology,” explained Mayne. “We can sell, rent or lease them the entire eco-system, based on the best brands, like Mo-Sys, which is why we are looking at tightening our partnership even further.”

To boost support for this emerging studio business, Evolve is building its first lab in Atlanta, to be followed soon by a second located on the West Coast. These will be fully fitted studios where Evolve will be able to demonstrate the technology, as well as giving VFX houses a place to test out their assets before the shoot.

Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys Engineering, remarked: “We are very excited by this partnership with Evolve. They are a perfect fit for us: not only are they across all the technologies, but they understand the rapid changes in the industry and the way that extended and augmented reality is developing into new areas. We look forward to solving many new challenges with Tyler and his team.”