June 17, 2024
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Movicom, which is focused on specialty camera development, was contracted as a services provider for the recent Sony PS5 Supercoppa Italiana 2021 football tournament, which took place on January 20. The event saw a rematch between Serie A winner Juventus and Coppa Italia winner Napoli, played at Mapei Stadium – Città del Tricolore.

This year Movicom was asked to provide a Robyline point-to-point system to fly over the football pitch. Italian audiences welcomed a new way to show a football match using shots that were characteristic of football video games.

Robyline is a classic point-to-point robotic cable camera. Fast acceleration and high speed of 16 m/s make it a great solution for picturesque panoramic shots and dynamic high-speed coverage. The new system is built around Movicom’s modern direct-drive R3 gyro-stabilised headline. Video and data transmission is delivered via RF with no signal loss even at very long distances. The motion control system software that runs the model allows operators to record camera movements, then reproduce and even adjust these recorded flying paths. The new system is quicker to rig, which is very much appreciated by Mapei Stadium – Città del Tricolore as the rigging of the full set-up was accomplished in only one day. 

The Italian team was invited to provide behind-the-goal cameras with its standard polecam kit. A regular equipment pack consists of Antelope Ultra or Nano camera, a small gyro-stabilised head Robyhead XS (developed by Movicom) and fiber-optic converters Movilink (developed by Movicom) with antelope OCP on the OB vehicle. 

Additionally, Movicom staff provided digital overlay services in partnership with AIM SPORT, the virtual advertising technology and solutions developer. The Movicom’s service included the operational process of the AIM Sport services in terms of technical, engineering and production supervision. The competitive advantage of such technology offers an opportunity to diversify digital ads for multiple broadcasters and make them geared towards specific geographic or demographic market segments.

¨All in all, that was a great start to the new year. We are proud to provide technology that can enhance the viewer experience and at least offer the audience a diverting consolation for missing a live game. A special thanks to Mr. Popi Bonnici for his fantastic idea and for trusting Movicom in this exciting challenge to use the RobyLine as the PS5 Cam of the match. It’s the first time in Europe when we had views similar to Sony PS5 Videogame replays in football live production. We are also very appreciative of Lega Serie A for having chosen Movicom as the supplier of this important special camera view,” says Simone de Lella, COO of Movicom SRL.