July 13, 2024
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MRMC today announced the release of the Super Milo, where macro precision meets high speed. Set to launch this July, the Super Milo promises unparalleled, repeatable camera movements, continuing to revolutionise visual effects creation and solidifying its place as an essential tool for modern cinematographers.
Building on the Academy award-winning Milo legacy, celebrated for its pinpoint macro precision, the Super Milo significantly enhances speed, acceleration, reach, and quick assembly. Speeds of up to 3 m/s on track and 5 m/s with combined camera movement can be achieved for high-speed filming. It is equipped with state-of-the-art brushless motors and achieves speeds up to 100% faster and accelerations up to 400% quicker than the original Milo. The rig can take a camera payload of 35kg.
The geometry of the Super Milo allows for smooth, stable movements below ground level to a maximum height of 6.1 meters. With easy-to-fit extensions, it offers flexible shooting configurations. Electronic lifting actuators expedite track setup, ensuring the Super Milo excels as a high-precision, high-speed rig suitable for macro, tabletop, CGI work, and now, high-speed live-action shooting. The setup takes under an hour and is fitted with an electric jacking system that makes rail assembly faster than ever.
“The success of the Milo paved the way for other motion control systems, but it remains a benchmark in the industry due to its unparalleled stability, reliability, and quality of results,” said Assaff Rawner, CEO of MRMC. “It was once seemingly impossible to conceive that there could be an improved version of this rig. Yet it is so. The Super Milo will continue to provide an example of MRMCs commitment to excellence in cinematography and demonstrates our latest advancements in macro and high-speed robotic camera technology.”