May 28, 2024
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MwareTV, a leading cloud-based multi-tenant platform provider, is using its presence at Mobile World Congress Africa 2023 to showcase how simple, fast and cost-effective its service can be.

A complete package from content to streaming at a price point of $3 – $4 per subscriber per month, includes a package of around 100 channels of engaging content relevant to the African market.

Telcos can launch their service with no need for complex and time-consuming negotiations with studios and content syndication businesses, which would otherwise require specialist staff and lengthy legal proceedings.

As a result, typically operators can launch a service – building loyalty and earning strong revenues from data and value added services – within eight weeks.

The core MwareTV platform incorporates everything that is required to manage, schedule and deliver a rich OTT television offering.

This includes brandable white label web clients and apps for all the common platforms (including iOS, Android and AndroidTV, TVOS, FireTV, KaiOS, Roku, WebOS, Tizen, WebTV and Lightning Framework).

Users can also take advantage of the unique App Builder package, a tool that, just through drag and drop, allows richly functional and fully branded apps to be created, without the need to write a single line of code, or even to have any previous app design experience.

MwareTV includes a billing module in its TVMS (television management system), another part of the core software.

“We first exhibited at MWC Africa last year, and we have a number of successful customers in the region,” said MwareTV CEO Sander Kerstens.

“We really understand the pressures on telcos, MNOs and other bodies who recognize that a good television service is a tremendous driver in retaining subscribers, but who are overwhelmed by the technical, operational and legal challenges in launching such an offering.”

MWC Africa takes place at the Kigali Convention Centre from  17 – 19 October. Mware TV will be located on stand E57.