June 17, 2024
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Christof Haslauer, CEO NativeWaves.

Solutions provider NativeWaves, the go-to platform for engaging and personalized live media experiences, has joined the HESP Alliance.

By implementing the High-Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP), NativeWaves will now be able to deliver high efficiency streaming workflows that give media companies access to scalable, sub-second latency live streaming and fast channel change.

The HESP Alliance aims to accelerate standardization and large-scale adoption of high efficiency streaming through HESP.

Alliance members can license the technology; integrate it into their video packaging and playback solutions; and develop and share HESP extensions to drive further innovation.

A verification program for HESP solutions ensures interoperability across packaging, playback and CDN solutions and provides peace of mind for media companies deploying high efficiency streaming services.

NativeWaves works with partners to identify the most engaging content from live events and enable broadcasters and service providers to deliver it as best-in-class, synchronized, multiscreen, personalized viewing experiences to their viewers.

It achieves this efficient, versatile, agile, and non-disruptive content delivery without changes to existing workflows. Through implementing HESP, NativeWaves will be able to further push the boundaries in terms of latency and fast channel change over existing workflows.

“Having worked with all the available low latency protocols for HTTP based streaming, we found the approach taken by the HESP Alliance to be the most interesting and, after evaluating its performance, we have been very impressed by it,” says Christof Haslauer, Chief Executive Officer at NativeWaves.

“By joining the Alliance, we are confident that we can contribute ideas that will benefit the HESP protocol and make it even more successful.

“Our hope is that this protocol will eventually be the common standard for Low Latency Streaming, and one that is latency wise on par with non-HTTP based solutions such as direct streaming via WebRTC or other proprietary technologies, which are not easily scalable.”

Steven Tielemans, CEO at THEO Technologies, and President of the HESP Alliance, adds: “We are pleased to have NativeWaves, as provider of personalized live media experiences, join the HESP Alliance.

“We look forward to working together with NativeWaves to enable HESP into their video encoding and playback solution, to provide for next generation engaging experiences.”