May 18, 2024
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Stockholm, Sweden – Net Insight announces the launch of Nimbra Connect iT, a cutting-edge solution designed to transform live internet transport workflows for small to medium networks. Nimbra Connect iT stands out in the market by providing an effortlessly integrated, scalable, and low-maintenance live media solution, enabling content creators, rights holders and broadcasters to focus on producing compelling content. With the addition of Connect iT, Net Insight is expanding its cloud transport offering currently incorporating Nimbra Edge, to cater to both small-scale and large-scale networks.

“Our goal with Nimbra Connect iT was to simplify the complexity of live internet transport, enabling creators and broadcasters to deliver content seamlessly while expanding their global reach,” says Christer Bohm, VP product management at Net Insight. “This platform reflects our commitment to innovation and customer success, ensuring streamlined operations and growth without any technical challenges.”

Innovative simplicity and scalability

Nimbra Connect iT is engineered for ease of deployment and simplified maintenance, ensuring that users can quickly integrate the platform into their existing infrastructure and start managing content delivery effectively. The solution allows for an easy entry into the cloud market, starting with as few as two modules. This simplicity, coupled with an inherently scalable architecture, allows media companies to expand their capabilities as they grow, without the traditional complexities associated with scaling up.

Effortless integration and streamlined operations

The cornerstone of Nimbra Connect iT is its effortless integration capability, powered by an Open API, which ensures seamless harmony with a variety of systems and tools. This facilitates a streamlined and efficient workflow, significantly reducing the operational complexities typically associated with media operations. Designed with the future in mind, Nimbra Connect iT provides tools and features that help users expand their audience reach and explore new revenue opportunities, thanks to ubiquitous connectivity on demand.

Expanding reach and exploring new opportunities

With Nimbra Connect iT, businesses can expand their reach and explore new revenue opportunities by engaging new audiences and making content distribution more efficient. The platform addresses the current challenges faced by media networks, positioning them for future growth and success in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Join Net Insight at booth W2421 at NAB Show in Las Vegas on April 14-17 to learn more.