July 12, 2024
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ACT Lighting (RapcoHorizon/ProCo Sound/RHC Holdings) has announced the launch of ACT Entertainment, a new entity formed by bringing together the brands of the ACT Lighting and RHC Holdings family of companies.  

While deeply rooted in the heritage of its legacy companies, the value offered by ACT Entertainment is described as being more than the sum of its parts. The new ACT is a streamlined organisation that takes a holistic approach to the industries it serves, curating critical entertainment technologies and bringing leading products and services to its clients across multiple distinct markets.

“Offering exceptional products and services, ACT Entertainment gives the most exciting and valuable entertainment technologies in the world a single home in North America,” said Ben Saltzman, CEO of ACT Entertainment. “We are exclusively focused on empowering our customers with the tools and support they need to enhance their, and their clients’, creative visions. ACT Entertainment enhances live experiences by discovering, developing, and delivering products that create value for our customers while supporting our products with industry-leading service and education.”

Headquartered in Jackson, Missouri, ACT Entertainment will operate from its facilities in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Texas, and Massachusetts. These strategic locations, says the new entity, provide the perfect outlet for service and education opportunities across North America.

According to Dale Williams, president and COO of ACT Entertainment, “given the challenges faced by the entertainment industry in the past year, it was clear to us that we needed to be a more unified and efficient organisation – a more nimble and agile entity that works more effectively together. The need for internal change grew organically as our industries evolved and changed. By unifying all of our companies into a single solution, ACT Entertainment positions ourselves to better service each of our markets as their industries rebound.”

ACT Entertainment supplies customers with best-in-category product brands, each with a reputation for high-quality and top performance in their respective area. The brands include MA Lighting, Ayrton, Robert Juliat, Luxibel, ProCo, RapcoHorizon, Lava Cable, RAT, AC Power Distribution, Zactrack, MDG and ChainMaster.

Customers and their clients/end users span multiple markets: Concert Touring & Live Experiences; Music Retail & e-commerce; Pro A/V-Installation-Broadcast; House of Worship; Film & Television; and Industrial Wire and OEM.

“As ACT Entertainment we will be better able to match our product brands with customer needs while servicing each end market in the way that makes sense to them,” noted Saltzman. “We’re building something bigger to universally address the entertainment industry in a new and exciting way.”