May 28, 2024
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London-based fine wine private members’ club 67 Pall Mall is set to launch – a streaming service dedicated to fine wine on Red Bee Media’s OTT Platform – later this month.

The service will initially offer six hours of original content per day in 4K quality, including live-streamed professional wine-tasting and additional on-demand content available to wine enthusiasts across world. Red Bee’s OTT Platform enables the award-winning fine wine club to expand its reach and provide a unique access to knowledge from world renowned wine experts. The service is set to launch on June 21, 2021. will provide original, high-quality programming from a newly established studio opposite the club on 67 Pall Mall in London, accompanied by at-home wine deliveries that enables viewers to taste featured wines in real-time, alongside and guided by winemakers, specialists and leading wine authorities.

“67 Pall Mall has been fortunate enough to provide its members access to outstanding tastings and events, with the world’s greatest winemakers since 2015, and with the help of Red Bee Media, we can now expand our reach and bring these unique experiences to life on screen, streaming in striking 4K video quality,” said Grant Ashton, CEO and founder, 67 Pall Mall. “We can now offer an even fuller picture of the wine world, where members and virtual members can taste our recommended wines in real-time, together at a distance.” 

Club members and virtual members will have the option to purchase wine samples which can be appreciated virtually with the team that makes them. In addition to the live tastings, will stream numerous documentaries and other on-demand content. While the live tasting kits can only be shipped to the UK and the rest of Europe at present, additional hubs are being assembled in Singapore and Napa, as we seek to offer the ‘live tasting’ experience globally. 

“ perfectly exemplifies the proliferation of the streaming market, where entrepreneurs, experts and enthusiasts from a multitude of backgrounds expand their network and monetise quality content through OTT technology,” said Steve Russell, chief product officer, Red Bee “We’re very happy to be onboard from the start to support 67 Pall Mall’s journey into the streaming world, and strengthening their position as a recognised authority on fine wine.”

Red Bee’s OTT platform gives brands and content owners the possibility to launch a fully-fledged streaming service, rapidly and easily, no matter the audience or business idea. It supports all content formats including live, linear, catch-up and on-demand, as well as a full range of monetisation options (such as ad-funded, subscription, pay-per-view and vouchers). Audience segmentation is done easily through advanced geo blocking functionality and DRM options. Many of Red Bee’s other services integrates easily with the platform, including content aggregation, metadata and automatic captioning.