May 30, 2024
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Stand 4E390, ISE 2024, Fira Barcelona Gran Via, 30 January – 2 Feb 2024 –Innovators in microservices based video production environments, nxtedition is exhibiting for the first time at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Barcelona. Visitors will see how a single, intuitive and powerful user interface can plan and control every aspect of even the most complex live event, freeing producers and directors to concentrate on communication and creativity.

Widely recognised for its storytelling approach in broadcast production planning and automation, the same rich nxtedition environment is ideal for corporate live events and AV production. All the core functionality is implemented in secure and reliable software, which can run on private cloud or a hybrid with public cloud. nxtedition provides an integrated platform that brings together the “best of breed” in open-source technology and third-party APIs, all seamlessly integrated into a single UI that is extremely easy to learn and operate.

This approach provides open access to third-party functionality like craft editing when required or the seamless integration of popular OpenAI tools such as Whisper for speech to text transcription that feeds automatic, multi language subtitle generation.

These consolidated tools ensure production crews and editors can collaborate on scripts and content but are also equally powerful for production of live events and corporate content. Complete shows are planned and scheduled within nxtedition, then playout of media on cue and direct control of external devices like vision mixers, audio and lighting desks, and prompter.

To add production power, the same platform can accept external feeds, for example for remote contributors. It will record clean and dirty plus ISOs for the complete show, and even stream it live using the built in restreamer if producers need to extend the coverage.

Adam Leah, Creative Director at nxtedition said, “Our mission is to simplify and enhance the storyteller’s experience. Our solutions have been proven and battle-hardened in television newsrooms and broadcasters. The concept of rolling into a venue nxtedition’s private cloud microservice solution within a flight case means that crews don’t need to be concerned with connectivity issues. Users can be sure it will deliver 100% reliable performance in a simple and intuitive environment, covering the whole production.

“Every show and production company has its own unique ways of working, from editorial practices to on-stage flair,” he added. “The nxtedition platform is simple to learn and can be customised by the user to meet the way they want to work.”

Experience nxtedition’s cutting-edge storytelling solutions and see how they will transform live events by visiting stand 4E390 at ISE Barcelona 2024. For more information, visit

About nxtedition

Founded in 2012, nxtedition has revolutionised video production as one of the world’s most creative software products in the broadcasting industry. nxtedition was one of the first to approach the simplification of the broadcast process by virtualising microservices to replace legacy systems. The existing paradigm of appliance-based products from multiple manufacturers creates layers of complexity which are expensive to purchase, difficult to maintain, hard to integrate and need specialist staff to operate.

The frustrations of these inefficient workflows brought nxtedition into being, taking a rather unconventional route which uses the latest in web technologies and re-purposes them within a broadcast environment. nxtedition virtualises appliance products (prompters, newsroom control systems, automation, media asset management, transcoding, video servers, graphics systems) and creates microservices to provide virtual instances of their functionality.The core ethos of nxtedition is to plan, write, edit, play out and archive productions within a single consolidated system where the focus is purely on storytelling and not the underlying technology.