May 29, 2024
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Innovators in microservices-based production environments nxtedition showcased the ideal platform for newsrooms and storytellers with a comprehensive demonstration at CABSAT.

Centre stage was a new integration with DaVinci Resolve, following the existing popular links to Adobe Premiere Pro.

Newsrooms need to react quickly and accurately to emerging stories, put breaking news into historical context and then deliver to multiple platforms.

A key part of this is providing simple tools for journalists to cut pictures and audio to their stories. Where those stories need to be refined or expanded, the work is often handed over to craft editors.

nxtedition makes it simple for edits to be directly exported from its story-based edit functionality into the preferred tools of the craft editor to achieve polished, broadcast-ready results quickly and seamlessly.

The DaVinci integration is just one example of the approach nxtedition has taken to support the way its software interworks with other productions.

It makes it simple to bring APIs from other products into the nxtedition environment, so users can work with other devices within the familiar user interface. This includes embedding OpenAI into the nxtedition core software.

That allows businesses to add artificial intelligence processes where they can boost productivity and creativity without compromising editorial integrity, resulting in richer, more detailed stories while still retaining the broadcaster’s tone of voice.

“We want our users to concentrate on the quality and engagement in their output, whatever that is,” said Adam Leah, creative director at nxtedition.

“By adding the DaVinci Resolve integration, we can allow craft editors to have a rough cut in nxtedition with all the content and growing files and then send the timeline directly into their DaVinci edit.

“That saves time so final cuts can be exported back to nxtedition to be published on social media or put directly to air or playback.”