May 18, 2024
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The latest camera from Pixellot is redefining automated sports production with superior video quality and streamlined implementation
Pixellot, the world’s leading provider of AI-automated sports production solutions, is proud to announce that its groundbreaking Pixellot Show S3 camera has been honored with the prestigious IABM BaM Award in the Create category at the 2024 NAB Show.
 The IABM BaM (Broadcast and Media) Awards recognize outstanding technological innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits within the broadcast and media industry. The Pixellot Show S3 stood out among fierce competition for its revolutionary advancements in content creation, setting new standards for efficiency, quality, and accessibility.
 The Pixellot Show S3 leverages cutting-edge AI technology to automate the entire sports production process enabling broadcasters, federations, and leagues to deliver professional-grade sports content cost-effectively and at scale. By removing the need for traditional camera crews and manual operations, the Pixellot Show S3 unlocks new sports and competitions that were never covered delivering unparalleled flexibility and scalability while maintaining uncompromising quality.
“We are honored to receive the IABM BaM Award in the Create category for our Pixellot Show S3 solution,” said Gal Oz, CTO of Pixellot. “This recognition reaffirms our commitment to revolutionizing sports production through innovative AI-driven technologies. The Pixellot S3 empowers organizations to produce high-quality sports content effortlessly, opening up new possibilities for storytelling and fan engagement.”
The 2024 NAB Show, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, brought together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts to explore the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of broadcasting and media. The IABM BaM Awards ceremony celebrated excellence in product design and innovation, showcasing the most innovative solutions driving the industry forward.
Pixellot extends its gratitude to the IABM BaM Awards judges for this prestigious recognition. As the demand for high-quality sports content continues to rise, Pixellot remains dedicated to delivering groundbreaking solutions that empower broadcasters and content creators to captivate audiences worldwide.
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