May 30, 2024
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Pixotope has announced partnerships with several key broadcast companies in South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan, The Philippines, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Singapore.

Hot on the heels of key staff appointments, the deals follow a number of successful virtual production collaborations using Pixotope in the region. Together with Pixotope, new distributors TechTwist Corporation, Elevate Broadcast, DB Productions, Great Wheel, Starlight, Bright Media, DongHwa, Mitomo, Kadinche, Jadason, Getop and StageFor will facilitate the adoption of the technology in new regions and broadcast sectors.

The partnerships further build on Pixotope’s highly successful channel partner program which is helping to position the company as the primary real-time solution for extended reality (XR), augmented reality (AR), and virtual production in the Asia-Pacific region.Dennis Breckenridge, CEO of Elevate Broadcast, said: “Pixotope has not only technical superiority but a business model enabling the adoption of virtual technologies into many new markets.

“We feel that the ease of use, open standard support for plugins, high-quality output, but most importantly, the ease of use helps set Pixotope apart.

“We are excited to bring the solution to the market and see what new and creative ideas our customers will realize, with the technology of Pixotope and support of Elevate Broadcast.”Soko Aoki, CEO at Kandiche Co.Ltd., added: “Having successfully created projects using Pixotope for quite some time, we think the solution is the perfect fit for the Japanese market, and are thrilled to be working with them here in Japan and sharing their technology.”Andrew Tan, VP of Sales (APAC) at Pixotope said: “As well as expanding our own team, we’re delighted to be working with our new channel partners in the APAC region. To say Pixotope is growing is an understatement.

“The company has sustained a long period of expansion that matches the global demand for high-level, virtual production technology. Together with these partners we’re looking forward to broadening access to Pixotope technology and seeing what clients create next.”