June 22, 2024
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Pixotope, the leader in live augmented reality, extended reality, and virtual production solutions, has launched Pixotope Education Program  a collegiate-level educational and community-building initiative designed to help enable the next generation of Virtual Production talent.

Developed as a response to the limited talent pool, the PEP provides access to the software and tools that drive Virtual Production while connecting educators to experts from the global Pixotope community who can add breadth, depth and context to different curriculums.

“In speaking with our customers and partners, a lack of available Virtual Production talent is often named as the number one barrier to entry,” says Pixotope Education Program Manager, Carina Schoo.

“We’ve reached the point where the technology is mature but we’re lacking a robust talent pool that can leverage that technology – that’s where the Pixotope Education Program comes in.

“With its launch we’re reaffirming our commitment to making Virtual Production accessible to all media producers, starting by building out the talent pipeline.”

Led by Schoo, the PEP is distinct in its approach. It goes beyond product academies by collaborating with educators to develop robust curriculums that address the realities of on-set real-time Virtual Production.

“Globally, colleges and universities struggle to develop timely curriculums that map back to the real world because the technology and workflows are evolving so quickly,” adds Schoo.

“The PEP addresses this by connecting educators with Pixotope’s network of partners and customers to hone in on what skills are most needed from the next generation of talent.”

Pixotope Education Program partner, Kevin Cooney, Founder and Creative Director of U.K.-based virtual production studio, The Level, says, “Unlike traditional production workflows, there isn’t a vast 20-year archive of virtual production knowledge for us to fall back on.

“The industry is moving at such a rapid pace that it’s difficult to find talent who can creatively problem solve. We can build as many virtual production studios as we want but without the creative talent behind them, we’re at a massive disadvantage.”

The Pixotope Education Program is open to all educational establishments offering programs and courses where Virtual Production skills and knowledge can be leveraged. To learn more about how to join, visit

“We’re thrilled to be part of the solution by joining the Pixotope Education Program to leverage our individual relationships and resources to help find and nurture the next generation of virtual production talent,” adds Cooney.

The PEP is made up of three core tenets:

Industry Insight-Based Approach

With so many different touch points and disciplines in media workflows where Virtual Production skills and knowledge need to be applied, there is no “one size fits all” curriculum or training program that covers it all. The PEP does not try to shoehorn all educators, courses, and students into one learning path and instead evaluates the requirements and connects them to the tools and expertise they need.

Access to Tools and Experts

Affordable access to the software and tools that drive Virtual Production is a keystone of the PEP. By putting these tools in the hands of students, they will be able to experiment and develop their skills with industry-standard technology. Beyond the technology, the program connects educators to Virtual Production experts from the global Pixotope community that can help shape timely and impactful curriculums.

Built In Professional Networking 

Pixotope is joining forces with a diverse group of industry partners, covering vendors, creative agencies and local suppliers, to provide further access to tools and expertise. In addition, the partnerships in the Pixotope Education Program give graduating students a path into various aspects of the industry, and similarly the program also provides those partners with a talent pool from which to recruit.

Pixotope Certification Program 

An added bonus, though not a requirement of joining the PEP, is the Pixotope Certification Program. Program-registered educational institutions will have the option of certifying students and educators as Pixotope Experts based on a predetermined set of skills and knowledge. This certification will be recognized across the industry and provide a common baseline for Virtual Production capabilities. Additional information about the Pixotope Certification Program will be announced at a later date.

If you are attending IBC2022, you can book an on stand meeting with Pixotope Education Program Manager, Carina Schoo to learn more about joining the PEP.